6 steps to your electrical connection

  • 1
    Submitting<br>your request

    your request

  • 2
    Fixing the<br>conditions

    Fixing the

  • 3
    Carrying out<br>preparatory<br>work

    Carrying out

  • 4
    Making an<br>appointment

    Making an

  • 5
    Checking<br>the work

    the work

  • 6
    Carrying out<br>the work

    Carrying out
    the work

Step 3: Carrying out the preparatory work and sending the end of work notification and contract(s)

Civil engineering work

You are responsible for the preparatory connection work which will enable the connection to be made between the Creos electricity grid and the building's connection point. This civil engineering work must be carried out according to our instructions and as stipulated in the connection regulations (TAB – Technische Anschlussbedingungen).

Preparatory work for the electrical installation

You must ensure that your electrician has safely completed his preparatory work for the connection to be put into operation (activation of your installation and fitting of the meter).
Once this work has been carried out the electrician must send us the duly completed and signed end of work notification(s). You must ensure that the back of the notification(s), representing the connection contract, is duly signed by the connection recipient.

Note: In the event of a rating above 40A, the duly completed and signed connection and usage contracts must be returned before the end of work notification.

    • The preparatory work for the electrical installation must be carried out by an electrician approved in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
    • The end of work notification is an essential element; without it your application will not be processed.