3 steps to disconnect your gas installation

  • 1
    Submitting<br>your request

    your request

  • 2
    Fixing the<br>conditions

    Fixing the

  • 3
    Disconnecting<br>the gas <br>installation

    the gas

Step 3: Disconnecting the gas installation

Carrying out of the civil engineering work

In the event of separating the connection (option 2), the cost of the civil engineering work will be at the requestor’s expense. Your contractor must make an appointment with Creos to separate the connection from the grid.

The civil engineering work can be ignored if just a meter is being removed (option 1).

Disconnection by Creos

Creos will carry out the work requested – removal of the meter (option 1) or separating the connection (option 2) - on the agreed date.

Paying for the disconnection

The disconnection of your installation in accordance with option 1 or option 2 is free of charge.

    • You must be assisted by a contractor who is Alugaz-cetified to carry out the civil engineering work.
    • The separation trench work on the main line must be ready on the date agreed with your contractor.
    • Your presence on site is required to remove the meter.