6 steps to your electrical connection

  • 1
    Submitting<br>your request

    your request

  • 2
    Fixing the<br>conditions

    Fixing the

  • 3
    Carrying out<br>preparatory<br>work

    Carrying out

  • 4
    Making an<br>appointment

    Making an

  • 5
    Checking<br>the work

    the work

  • 6
    Carrying out<br>the work

    Carrying out
    the work

Step 5: Checking the preparatory work by Creos

Creos approves and validates the electrical installation preparatory and installation work and, if necessary, the civil engineering preparatory work.

Should approval of the preparatory work not be possible (e.g. in the event of non-compliance or an installation fault), the appointment for carrying out the work will be cancelled. An approval report will be sent to you with a request to have the preparatory work corrected. You must make two further appointments (see Step 4).

    • It is recommended that your electrician is present during the visit of the Creos agent in charge.
    • Only one visit by this agent is included in the connection price. Any additional visit will be invoiced at the current price.