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Step 1: Submitting your request

When should you submit your request?

For a three-phase charging point of a minimum power of 7 kW or a single-phase charging point of a minimum power greater than 4,6 kW to be installed, you will need to submit a request.

How to create a connection request?

You can create your connection request easily in a few steps via your customer space.

Which documents need to be included in your application?

No documents need to be included in your application.

Who is allowed to install my home charging point?

The installation of a home charging point must be carried out by a qualified electrician. You can find a list of approved electricians in Luxembourg on the website of the Fédération du Génie Technique at www.fgt.lu.

    Commissioning of the station by the electrician is not subject to inspection or acceptance by Creos.