Does your building need to be connected to the natural gas distribution grid?

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Are you planning a conversion which requires a modification to your connection?
Do you have a new gas-powered unit?

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Do you no longer use natural gas?
Are you demolishing your building?

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List of communes / locations that are supplied by Creos with natural gas

  • Bous, Contern, Dalheim, Frisange, Leudelange, Mondorf/Bains, Remich, Sandweiler, Schengen, Schuttrange, Waldbredimus, Weiler-la-Tour

  • Bertrange, Hobscheid, Kehlen, Koerich, Kopstal, Lintgen, Lorentzweiler, Mamer, Steinfort

  • Bettendorf, Bissen, Colmar-Berg, Diekrich, Erpeldange, Esch-sur-Sûre, Ettebruck, Feulen, Grosbous, Mersch, Mertzig, Schieren, Wiltz, Winseler, Z.I. Lentzweiler

  • Betzdorf, Biwer, Echternach Z.I., Findel, Grevenmacher, Mertert, Niederanven, Steinsel, Walferdange, Rodenbourg (Junglinster)

  • Alzingen, Fentange, Hesperange, Howald, Itzig, Strassen, Luxembourg-Ville

Disponibility of natural gas on

The website is Luxemburg's national official geoportal, a governmental platform dedicated to geospatial data and related products. It has been built by Administration du Cadastre et de la Topographie, Luxemburg's national cadastre and mapping authority. A new map layer is available and allows you to see if your plot can easily be connected to the natural gas network - click here

In a small scale, the cadastral sections are colorized according to the grid operator active in that cadastral section. In a bigger scale, cadastral parcels are colorized according to the fact that there is a gas pipe in a radius of 20m around the parcel. We make a difference between active pipes, inactive pipes (pipes present, but not yet under pressure) and the non presence of pipes.