3 steps to disconnect your gas installation

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    Disconnecting<br>the gas <br>installation

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Step 1: Submitting your request

What is your project?

In order to better assist you with your inquiry, we kindly ask you to tell us what you are planning to do in terms of no longer needing gas.

If you no longer need a gas connection, you have two options:

Option 1: only the meter is removed *

You intend to stop using gas and decommission your gas installation

Please provide the following information:

  • Information about the applicant / user of the grid  / the account holder for the connection
  • Provide the address of the gas installation
  • Tick "Decommissioning of an installation"

Provide the number of the meter to be removed and briefly explain why you are decommissioning your system to understand your request.

Note: For recommissioning a gas installation, a certificate of conformity of the installation by an authorized fitter in Luxembourg is required in any case.

Option 2: You separate your connection from the grid**

  • You no longer intend to use gas in your building and to separate your building from the natural gas distribution grid.
  • You intend to demolish your building.

Please provide the following information:

  • Information about the building to be disconnected
  • Customer requirements: tick "Disconnecting the existing connection from the gas grid".
  • Information and signature of the account holder for the connection / owner

Note: The separation of a gas connection is irreversible and deprives all building users of gas. It cannot be executed if gas installations (gas meters) are still being used in the building.

    • * The removal of a meter may be requested by the user of the grid/consumer/tenant but requires the signature of the connection recipient/owner.
    • ** The separation of the connection may only be requested by the connection recipient/owner.