6 steps to your electrical connection

  • 1
    Submitting<br>your request

    your request

  • 2
    Fixing the<br>conditions

    Fixing the

  • 3
    Carrying out<br>preparatory<br>work

    Carrying out

  • 4
    Making an<br>appointment

    Making an

  • 5
    Checking<br>the work

    the work

  • 6
    Carrying out<br>the work

    Carrying out
    the work

Step 1: Submitting your request

Download the application form that matches your electricity generation project:

For the purpose of understanding correctly your project, please provide the following information:

1.Address of the installation

2. Description of your installation

Depending on your autonomous production equipment project you will be asked to complete one of the following sections in order to describe your request to us:

  • New installation
    Complete the Primary energy, Grid input, Operating method and Installation data sections for your new autonomous production installation to be hooked up to the electricity grid.
    If you want Creos to carry out a feasibility study for the connection of your independent power production equipment, you must tick the box "Feasibility study desired". In this case, you do not need to attach the documents required for a request.

    You can have your request processed in fast track-mode. In this case we will waive the steering date and set 2 fixed dates. Your electrician has the choice between sending the complete documents and the first appointment (4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks). It goes without saying that you must send us the contracts and orders you have signed, as well as the completion report, which must be signed by your electrician, at least 3 working days before the first appointment. In the event of cancellation of one of the fixed dates, the processing of your request will immediately switch to the standard-mode.
    Your electrician has the choice to insist on a steering appointment. This standard-mode is selected by ticking the appropriate box. Note that selecting this option will increase the processing time of the connection file.
  • Removing the existing installation
    Complete the Existing connection section (including the current meter number) if you would like to remove your installation.

3.Information on and signatures of the parties involved

4. Tarif

To operate an independent power production equipment, you must choose a rate. You can choose between the standard rate (availability component) and the flat rate. See the Service catalogue (Catalogue de services) for further details.