6 steps to your electrical connection

  • 1
    Submitting<br>your request

    your request

  • 2
    Fixing the<br>conditions

    Fixing the

  • 3
    Carrying out<br>preparatory<br>work

    Carrying out

  • 4
    Making an<br>appointment

    Making an

  • 5
    Checking<br>the work

    the work

  • 6
    Carrying out<br>the work

    Carrying out
    the work

Step 5: Checking the preparatory work by Creos

Creos handles the acceptance and approval of the preparatory works of the electrical installation and, if necessary, the preparatory construction works.

In the event of a successful inspection, our Creos representative will notify you of the date for the installation of the meter and the commissioning of your installation.

If acceptance of the preparatory works is not possible (e.g. installation not in accordance with the regulations or defective), no date will be given for the execution of the connection works. In this case, you will receive an acceptance report with a request to correct the preparation work that was carried out incorrectly. You must then make another appointment to check the preparatory work, as described in step 4.

    • It is recommended that your electrician is present during the visit of the Creos agent in charge.
    • Only one visit by this agent is included in the connection price. Any additional visit will be invoiced at the current price.